“The DEA agents and Houston division work great cases,” said Sammy Parks with the DEA.

Once those cases are closed, the evidence needs to be destroyed.

“We dispose and burn a number of drugs (like) marijuana, methamphetamines, and prescription pills,” he said.

This week, the DEA put out a job notice that has a lot of people talking, and quickly had them dialing the local DEA number.

“A mass of calls to DEA requesting to burn our evidence,” Parks said.

Houstonians asking to burn the marijuana evidence. “Where do I sign up?” they say. But it’s not that kind of job for the average Joe.

The agency is looking for a vendor with the ability to burn 1,000 pounds of pot bundles per hour for at least eight hours per day.

“(The job) targets a facility that is well-established licensed, meets EPA requirements, this is not something a private citizen can do, dispose of evidence,” he said.

Evidence to be burned also includes those expired prescriptions from those drug take back events we often tell you about.

So if you are a qualified agency, you may get the job to destroy marijuana, meth, coke and a lot more.

“Every two years, a solicitation goes out for a vendor,” he said.

If you’d like to apply, you can find the posting here. The contract runs from late March to September 2019.