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Afghanistan: Just Another Story About The Ramifications Of Black Market Drugs

“Hashish is cultivated in Wazikhwa, where the police chief detained several farmers for not paying his share,” the tribal elder continued.” We’re hoping that this story doesn’t really surprise anyone and that one day the UN will see that by changing cannabis scheduling at least some people in distant and faraway parts of the world that we don’t really care about might have the opportunity to  eek out a living without the monkey of extortion and exploitation on their back everyday.

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What Happens To All That THC Extracted When Making CBD ?

Project CBD queried Panacea Life Sciences, a Colorado firm specializing in CBD oil products, regarding what the protocol is for the leftover THC. “We can’t do anything with it because it’s illegal,” says Panacea’s controller Nathan Berman. “We contract a company that picks up the waste material and destroys it.”

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Bezinga Article: The Munchies, Explained: Why Weed Makes You Hungry

“THC is an appetite stimulant,” explains Dr. Patricia Frye, cannabis expert and chief medical officer at HelloMD. THC works to partially activate the brain’s CB1 receptors. “When the CB1 receptors are activated, they stimulate areas of the brain that produce appetite, or the desire to eat,” Frye says. “Any mode of delivery that delivers THC to the bloodstream and brain, including inhalation, oromucosal methods, or edibles, can increase the user’s appetite.”

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Article: Coronavirus Diaries: I’m a Weed Delivery Guy in New York City

Slate report, “Usually over text, the interactions are real simple. But face-to-face, I always feel like I’m a counselor. I get bombarded with, “Hey, a lot of stuff is happening. This person passed away. My girlfriend or my boyfriend broke up with me. I’ve been cheated on.” I’ve heard it all and it’s just like, whoa. And now all the conversations are about the coronavirus.”

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