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20% of professional golfers are on the weed says report

Among professional sports, who would’ve selected golf as the catalyst to shift marijuana policy for athletes? Not us, but golf finds itself in a unique position compared to other sports. While it’s an open secret that football and basketball players use cannabis, we usually only hear about their support for policy change or the launch of their new marijuana brand after these same athletes retire.

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Greg Norman launches CBD Line

The Australian great’s collection will be made from CBD derived from hemp plus ingredients from his home country, including Tasmanian blue gum (for “soothing relief”), Kunzea oil (for “sore muscle relief”) and Australian Sea Salt (for “total body relaxation”).

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The MLB May Soon Let Players Use Medical Marijuana – Says Wikileaf

While Major League Baseball does not regularly test for marijuana or opioids, the recent opioid death of a player has brought up the possibility that testing should be enforced. Meanwhile, Minor League Baseball, which does test for those substances, has seen a growing number of players call for the use of medical marijuana to become allowed.

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