John Lewis is selling the world’s first completely recyclable mattress, and it has been stuffed with hemp.

The innovative mattress has been designed by sustainable bedding maker Harrison Spinks. Inside the mattress, rather than foam, you’ll find hemp, as well as wool from the company’s 300-acre sheep farm in North Yorkshire – which helps to make the product more eco-friendly.

For additional green bonus points, the designers also figured out a way to build the bedding without using glue.

‘In fact, it’s the world’s first circular mattress, meaning that at the end of its life, it can be deconstructed and recycled, or disassembled and made into an entirely new product.’ Simon says the company bought the sheep farm so they could grow their own natural mattress fillings, like wool and hemp.

The aim was to reduce the amount of man-made materials that are usually found in mattresses, and that usually end up in landfill eventually. Simon decided to invest in hemp – an industrial strain of cannabis – after talking to a local farmer. ‘ I asked him what could be grown easily and quickly in the UK,’ Simon explains. ‘After doing some research, I also found out about the sustainability credentials of the plant and how good growing it is for the environment. ‘I planted some at the farm and we began using it as a filling in our mattresses.’


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