CCN writes that Bitcoin is, in the US, becoming the currency for weed transactions…

  • E-commerce stores saw a 50% increase in bitcoin-based purchases of cannabis and video games during the pandemic lockdown.
  • Coronavirus has revealed people’s priorities, as general digital product sales take a fall.
  • Bitcoin, stoners and gamers–the holy trinity of overlapping essentials amid this lockdown?

Stoners and gamers have turned to Bitcoin during the coronavirus lockdown, as web-based sales of both ‘essentials’ increased during the pandemic.

Revenue for video game and cannabis sales using bitcoin saw a 50% increase among the 100 e-commerce merchants surveyed by Blockonomics. The research states:

Cannabis orders are up: people are buying more weed than ever, with revenue up over 50%. I mean, what else are you going to do at home? 💨

So, as gamers and cannabis users continue to part with their BTC, store owners are only too happy to hold on to it. That might have something to do with bitcoin’s 102% increase in value over the past month and a half.