Saturday Night Live cast member and all-around funny guy Pete Davidson wants to be clear: He’s on a break from drugs (yes, that includes weed). So, he’d love it if generous, pot-supplying souls would stop sending him the stuff.


It may be that all the free weed could prove distracting as cannabis-loving Davidson awaits the opening of his new movie, The King of Staten Island, during his pandemic-imposed quarantine in his mom’s basement. Or it might be that it’s downright unnerving when people show up with weed to your mom’s house in Staten Island, NY.

Clearly, Davidson has not been a stranger to experimentation, even attracting former supermodel Cindy Crawford to reportedly step in to help her daughter’s then boyfriend while he was going through a rough patch. Two years ago, Davidson said he had been smoking weed every day for eight years.

But at least for now, his just-say-no message has been trumpeted loud and clear. Still, the message seems to have fallen largely on deaf, albeit well-meaning, ears.

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