Forbes reports……..A New Jersey dispensary has a special gift for veterans in the lead up to Memorial Day. Harmony, a medical marijuana dispensary in Secaucus, is honoring a local veteran and cannabis activist, Leo Bridgewater, with a new strain developed with military vets in mind, named Bridge H2O. Bridgewater has been a vocal advocate for cannabis legalization and was instrumental in helping New Jersey recognize the substantial benefits of medical cannabis.

Bridgewater summed up his feelings about  creating a new strain for vets saying, “To have this happen to me – wow – this is the ultimate nod to [vets from] the cannabis industry.”

Harmony collaborated with Spc. Bridgewater to make a unique strain designed to alieve the conditions many veterans experience, such as PTSD, insomnia and anxiety. They have been researching and testing strains for over a year, using Leo’s past experience with cannabis as a guide, to find the perfect balance that effectively relieves such ailments.

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