BANGKOK: Police officers seized bricks of dried marijuana weighing 221 kilogrammes at a house in Lam Toi Ting subdistrict in Bangkok’s Nongjok district on Friday evening, announced the Thai Police on Saturday (May 16).

According to Lam Phak She Police Station officers, the raid was a follow-up on a sting operation that ended in the arrest of Manop Buakareem, 46, who had delivered one kilogram of marijuana to undercover police earlier that day on Suwintawong Road.

Manop reportedly confessed that he stored the drugs for another person named Naf (last name unknown), who will later come to collect them as well as pay him the storing fee.

Manop was charged with possessing a type-5 narcotic substance (marijuana) with the intention to sell and was taken into police custody. – The Nation Thailand/Asian News Network