Over 5 million people in the UK have consumed cannabis in the past 3 months, according to Maru Voice UK—the UK’s leading online market research community, giving fellow Britons the opportunity to participate in surveys and discussions that influence brands, products and services. Despite being officially illegal since 1928, cannabis was recently consumed by 11% of the population. And cannabis consumers are of all ages and income levels, in all regions if the UK.

These levels of consumption are like what we observe in Canada (14%) where it is legal, and the U.S. (15%) where it is legal in ten states, two U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.

Support for legalization in the UK is very high. Fully two thirds (65%) said they support legalizing cannabis. And this support is widespread. A majority in all sectors of society would be pleased to see Westminster rethink its classification of cannabis as a prohibited drug. This support for legalization follows on the heels of the approval of cannabis for medical use in November 2018.