Forbes reports….

On May 1, they launched the “Cannabis Helps Dementia” podcast, to share their experience and “connect with experts in the medical field and with other caregivers exploring the science and telling the stories of how cannabis can be the most effective and safest of any medicine being used for people living with dementia today.”

The first three episodes can now be downloaded on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Podcast and more thru Anchor.FM.

Especially recommended is Episode 3, with particularly articulate input from Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather, who is one of the most experienced clinicians working with cannabis in the country, if not the world. Dr. Hergenrather, who is one of the founders and former head of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, describes how, working with the staff and residents of assisted living facilities in Northern California, they were able to help patients find relief from dementia symptoms and wean off other drugs using cannabis.

The podcast also invites those who have used cannabis as they care for patients with dementia to share their stories. Hopefully, this will create a supportive resource and forum where these real-life experiences can be brought to light.

The experience of COVID-19 is already dramatically impacting the nursing home model. With home-care for the elderly becoming an ever more realistic option, every opportunity we have to help dementia patients live peacefully, including medical cannabis, should be on the table.

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