24-year-old Shawn Shaw and 25-year-old Alexander Long were charged with felony weapon possession and possession of marijuana with intent. Long was additionally charged with drug paraphernalia when surveilling officers found them with weed and an AK-47 at a gas pump.

On May 11th, Nashville Metro Police Officers Stuckey and Jones were conducting surveillance near the Z-Mart located at 2610 Clarksville Pike. According to affidavits, they observed a blue Audi and a red Mustang arrive and Shawn Shaw walk to the Audi with a large bag. When the officers approached, Shaw was seated in the passenger seat and Officer Jones testified that he saw Alexander Long toss a firearm and a jar of marijuana into the backseat of the vehicle.

A probable cause search produced two jars, five sandwich bags and a vacuum-sealed bag of marijuana weighing in total 188.07 grams, a digital scale, box of sandwich bags and an AK-47 rifle. Shaw told officers he was only holding the jar of cannabis to look at it and denied ownership of all items in the Audi, however, a firearm was visible in the red Mustang and he told officers it belonged to him. Officers noted that Long had a large sum of cash on his person.

Nashville duo caught with weed and AK-47 at gas pump