People of Los Angeles are turning to the good old CBD and THC products to combat their health-related anxieties and stocking it up in large amounts as one would with water and pasta.

Caliva, which has Jay-Z as its Chief Brand Strategist, has seen massive growth in March so far in its delivery business. A representative says “We have seen an increase in our delivery services across all of our locations, with record-breaking sales over the past two weeks.”

Another Hollywood shop Sweet Flowers’ representative says, “Because of the virus, consumers are worried about scarcity which is likely why they are purchasing more products than usual. I also think that many of our customers are turning to our cannabis offerings to promote mental wellness and ease their minds in the midst of the nationwide panic.”

Most people are ordering the goods to their homes to avoid contact within physical retail locations. As a result, restaurants and hotels have taken a huge hit (pun intended); however, the recreational cannabis industry is blooming nicely.