It’s not a pot burger, it’s a hemp burger — and the owner of Hemp Way Foods says sometimes, that leads to confusion.

“No, this product is absolutely not going to get you high,” said Carla Boyd, who founded Hemp Way Founds nearly six years ago.

The burger contains hemp hearts and hemp protein, along with some more common ingredients like lentils, brown rice, flax seed and chia seeds. She developed the recipe when she started having digestive issues and food allergies.

“Hemp is a superfood, it’s a pure plant protein. So I just started giving out [hemp burgers] to tons of friends and those friends were giving it to other friends and people started calling me,” said Boyd.

Maybe you’ve noticed that meatless burgers are becoming more mainstream, with more selections at the grocery store and fast-food restaurants. Earlier this year, Burger King began offering the Impossible Whopper at stores nationwide and Del Taco is now offering what they described as “seasoned Beyond Meat plant-based crumbles.”

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