Here’s the introduction to the piece published on the weed blog………..Frenchy became a complete nomad. He adopted the world as his school, and the world adopted him as a student. He traveled through Mexico, the Philippines, and Pakistan. In Nepal, he tasted ten-year aged Nepalese hash and described it as “mind-blowing” in a Soft Secrets interview. He dipped into the personal stashes of master hash-makers in Morocco and the Himalayas. He discovered cannabis as a divine sacrament in India and harvested charas by hand from live flowering plants during multiple grow seasons. His travels lasted the better part of twenty years.

Frenchy pursued the best hashish on the planet. But he found that it was not for sale. Instead, he had to cultivate, harvest, sieve, and press his own hash. He mastered ancient techniques of hash-making that surpassed commercial Western alternatives. Frenchy became a Hashishin, or hash devotee/master hash-maker.

In California, Frenchy discovered the power of utilizing the entire cannabis flower and plant. He encountered cannabis as a medicine and realized his vocation: teaching the next generation of hashishin. And that is exactly what he does. “My relation with Hashish had been at first a teenage love story, then it became the passion of a traveler but in California, it has been transformed into a total dedication to learning the science behind this plant’s amazing properties,” he writes.

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