With the junior Windsors supposedly holed up on Vancouver Island we thought we’d do the pointless research that others won’t and see their options for hanging with their homies kicking back and vibing on a sesh.

Various media have reported they are hiding out on Vancouver island in a pad that could look something like this


What a great spot to put young Archie to bed and then kick back with the crew.

Vancouver Island has a number of dispensaries


There’s Vital Roots , but let’s be honest that strip mall might just be a bit too downmarket even for the newly minted modern royals of the 21st century


Then there’s Pineapple Express but they don’t even have a live website.

How on earth are they going to do any  research before hopping in the Range Rover to hop into town and pick up some Markle Sparkle.

This strain was created and grown in Grants Pass, Oregon, where the nephew of soon-to-be British Royal Meghan Markle resides. Endowed with power, this potent, albeit noble bud, includes genetics from several well-known strains.

Markle Sparkle has been described as having a very sweet, silky taste. Notes of fresh blueberry and a unique, fruity and smooth flavor grace this strain as well.

Markle Sparkle tests at 23% THC and less than 2% CBD. The genetics are ideal for flower due to its complex terpene profile. Markle Sparkle will also make a great concentrate, as it produces a flavor of biting into a fresh fruit!

Potential Positive Effects of Markle Sparkle

Markle Sparkle makes you feel positive, happy, and energetic. It is uplifting and has been known to create a tingling body sensation of numbness. There is a sense of relief and euphoria that comes with the high as well. These benefits make for a great all-around versatile strain for any medical patient or recreational consumer.


Then again the last thing they’d want to do is bump into that awful nephew .. some family members you just have to keep at arms length or further !


We suggest the best spot for their new upper middle class feel good about saving the planet vibe  is The Village Bloomery .

It just says Meghan & Harry to us

There’s a full range of product but Harry might be pining for Balmoral so we’d suggest they kick off with a sample of the X2 Afghan version that he might have tasted on deployment !

Whilst Meghan is probably thinking more in the vein of, I’ve escaped it feels like….


We wish them the best of luck in the future, away from the Daily Mail, The Sun and the rest of their ilk and we do hope that granny can pop in to give Archie a cuddle without any obsequiousness from….