The Indonesian police have arrested a US citizen who owns liquid marijuana in West Kalimantan province, a senior police officer said on Sunday (April 26).

Director of the Provincial Police’s Narcotics Unit Senior Commissioner Gembong Yudha disclosed that the 67-year-old US national was captured in the province’s district of Landak a day earlier.

The American possessed marijuana with the type of liquid synthetic cannabis which he ordered from the United States, the director said.

“We have arrested one citizen of the United States for having synthetic cannabis containing 5F-MDB-PICA,” said the officer.

The 5F-MDMB-PICA is classified as designer drug and synthetic cannabinoids with liquid form.

The possession on the marijuana was found out after the police personnel reached information from the provincial custom office on April 6 about the arrival of an illegal package from the United States ordered by the suspect, the director revealed.

However, the police could only find the U.S. national on Friday and immediately nabbed him, after days of search, Yudha added.

For further investigations, the director said that the suspect has already been detained in the provincial police prison, local media reported.