Humberside Police raided a house on Crescent Street and found ‘hundreds of cannabis plants’

Hundreds of cannabis plants have been found in a property on the West Marsh.

Humberside Police were at the property on Crescent Street, next to the Veal Street junction in Grimsby, after a cannabis factory was uncovered.

It is understood that the number of cannabis plants at the corner house could be in the hundreds.

Witnesses at the scene have said that the whole area “stinks of weed” and there is a large police presence around the building.

One said: “From what I have heard they have found a house full of hundreds of cannabis plants.

“There must be a fair few because the whole area absolutely stinks of weed.

“There are loads of police at the property and there is an officer guarding a back gate which looks like it has been smashed to pieces.