Bezinga Report…

Abstrax Tech Inc., a developer of terpenes, announced earlier this month that it can now reproduce “The Gas” — the dank and skunky scent of cannabis — to infuse the specific aroma and flavor of cannabis into various products.

This means that Abstrax can now replicate the flavors of popular cannabis strains and deliver them to markets around the world as botanically-derived, THC-free, terpene blends, according to the company.

They can be used as functional flavors for beer, food, beverages, vapes and tinctures.

“The ability to measure and recreate ‘The Gas’ is going to forever change the way those who love cannabis aromas and flavors appreciate terpene profiles,” said CEO Max Koby.

“We’ve accomplished this using our proprietary three-dimensional strain analysis technology, which gets into the nuances of each cannabis strain and allows for every compound within a plant to be named and studied.”

The research took two years, according to the California company.

Abstrax said it plans to release the “Native Series” and “Growers Collection” of terpene blends. Both are intended to deliver the authentic aroma and flavor of cannabis.