We’ve never heard of Shayna Taylor but we thought we’d relate this for no apparent reason other than we can . The fluff level of this piece jacks it up as about as high as bullshit can go !

Shayna Taylor likes jazz up dinner parties with … salad.

The chef and influencer, 28, told Page Six while promoting her CBD brand Bottle & Stone that salads aren’t as “basic” as one might think — and that she likes to use CBD in dressings.

“What’s funny is you would think this is like such a basic thing. I love making fancy salads because I feel like people have — they get like bored with a salad. They’re like, ‘Oh, a salad?’ And I make these incredible herb-filled chopped, like finely chopped salads,” said Taylor.

She credits toasted almonds, dill, tarragon, parsley and basil for taking her dishes up a notch.

“And so creating a different type of dressing for what salad you have is definitely one of the staples,” she said. “I love to impress people because they typically — some people come over and they’re used to eating salads. Some people come over and they’re like, ‘Eh. I’m not a salad fan,’ and they’ll eat the whole salad because it’s so good.”
And she told us that “dressings are the easiest thing to put CBD into.”

Lately, Taylor has been cooking with her own CBD tinctures. According to Bottle & Stone’s website, the hemp-derived products have less than .3% THC, the element in marijuana that gives a high. The brand says its products do not get users high, as: “Our non-psychoactive CBD is designed to offer you clear-minded wellness so you can work, live, and be just as you are while getting all the wellness benefits that CBD offers.”

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