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Sailors and Royal Marines from HMS Dragon launched their fast boats to intercept and board the vessel, before conducting a search of its compartments. They found 148 bags of hashish, weighing around 3,048kg.

A UK government official said in a statement the raid had dealt a major blow to the funding of terrorism in the Gulf, where Islamic State (IS) and Al Qaeda are known to operate.

An HMS destroyer has delivered a significant blow to terrorist groups lurking in the Gulf after it intercepted a boat trafficking three tonnes of hashish. (Supplied)

“The success of HMS Dragon’s seizure is the latest blow struck to this nefarious industry,” Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said.

The ‘Hash Highway’ runs from Afghanistan, a major drugs producer, by land through Iran or Pakistan, and then across the sea to countries in east Africa and the Middle East.

Profits from drug smuggling are a known source funding for terrorist organisations and criminal networks.

IS was known to have made millions of dollars in trading oil on the black market after seizing vast tracts of land and wells in Syria and Iraq.

The terror group has also funded its operations through the sale of priceless artefacts and items stolen from museums and world heritage sites in the now dismantled so-called caliphate.

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