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Oregon activists have launched a campaign to decriminalize all drug possession in an effort to reduce unfairly harsh prison sentences and increase addiction treatment possibilities.

Activists in Oregon this weekend launched a ballot measure campaign that aims to decriminalize low-level drug possession throughout the state, according to a Marijuana Moment report.

Advocates argue that the “Drug Treatment and Recovery Act,” or IP 44, would address Oregon’s addiction crisis better than current prohibition practices, would reduce unfair prison sentencing, and would free up valuable police time.

“This measure expands access to treatment and removes unfairly harsh punishments for minor, nonviolent drug offenses, so people with addiction can more easily recover. People will no longer be arrested and put in jail simply for possession of small amounts of drugs. Instead, they will receive a health assessment and be connected to the right treatment or recovery services, including housing assistance, to help them get their lives back on track.” — Excerpt from the IP 44 campaign website

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Bid to Decriminalize All Drugs Launched In Oregon