Marie Jane’s Cannabis Connection said it’s the first marijuana dispensary in the country to add in-house pizza to its “pot delivery menu,” according to a news release. The company said its data indicates that people who’ve used marijuana says one of their most sought-after foods after using the substance, which is legal for recreational use for those 21 and over in Marie Jane’s home state of Oregon, is pizza.

The brand makes the service available by phone at the dispensary where customers are instructed to ask for the “budtender” to get information on the daily specials and place their order. The company said every item in the  dispensary is available for delivery, though service with marijuana is not permitted to dorms and hotels, the company said.

Pizza prices at Marie Jane’s range from $10.95 to $20.49. Delivery is $7 or free for orders of $30 or more. Marie Jane’s Cannabis Connection was one of the first locally owned dispensaries in Corvallis.