Netflix ( Brazilian) christmas comedy special, The First Temptation of Christ, is causing all sorts of drama with amongst many other things a weed-smoking Mary.


Cinema Blend reports…

‘Tis the holiday season and with it comes a ton of Christmas movies and specials that bank on the wholehearted goodness and cheer of the season. That’s not what the comedy special The First Temptation of Christ went for, though, and Netflix is now facing backlash over the special that includes gay Jesus and a weed-smoking Mary.

Over 1 million angry Netflix subscribers offended by The First Temptation of Christ’s depiction of Jesus have signed a petition calling for Netflix to stop streaming the comedy special, accusing the satire of “seriously offending Christians.” The goal is to get the petition signed by at least 3 million people and to have Porta dos Fundos to “be held responsible for the crime of villainous faith.”