Is it that people are being increasingly stupid and getting caught or that Australian police really think taking as much weed off the streets as possible is going to keep people inside and calm ! This past week all we’ve been reading about is Australian weed busts. We love in this bust (see photo) that they managed to get some tomato ketchup as well.

The Narrogin Observer reports

Corrigin police have charged a 39-year-old man with cultivating a prohibited drug after seizing cannabis from a house in Bullaring (West Australia) last week.

The cannabis was seized at the house on Friday last week with the help of Wickepin police.

The 39-year-old has also been charged with possession of a prohibited drug and drug paraphernalia.

In a separate seizure earlier this month, Wickepin police found two cannabis plants thriving in the Wickepin Shire Reserve.

According to police, it was the first time they had found the drug growing in a public place and it appeared to have been well looked after.

The plants were removed from the reserve to be destroyed.

Police took to social media on March 5 with a tongue-in-cheek post calling for the grower to come forward.

“Wickepin police located cannabis plants growing in the Wickepin Shire Reserve,” they said.

“If you would like to claim them please bring proof of ownership to Wickepin Police Station.”