In 2010, Ryan Basore left his job in the insurance industry and entered the state’s nascent medical marijuana industry, becoming one of Michigan’s first caregivers.

Within the span of three years, Basore would be targeted by federal investigators, charged with marijuana-related crimes and be imprisoned.

Now, a decade after opening his first medical marijuana business, and only a few years removed from his release, Basore, a cannabis advocate, is launching a new brand of products aimed at helping those affected by the continued criminalization of marijuana named Redemption.

Basore’s road from the insurance industry to creating Redemption Cannibis Co. has been long and winding.

In 2008, Michigan voters approved medical marijuana, although leaders at the state and local levels scrambled to create a regulated market.

Cannabis remained and still remains, illegal at the federal level.

It was in that patchwork environment that Basore began operating a dispensary on Michigan Avenue in Lansing.

Later, he would begin a grow operation in a warehouse near Okemos High School with the knowledge of local officials. He and the other parties involved with the facility believed they were operating within the bounds of the law.

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