Market Watch Reports……Potato chip, cookie and ice cream sales all increased in Colorado, Oregon and Washington as recreational marijuana became legal in those states, according to a new study.

Specifically, chip sales increased 5.3%, while cookie sales climbed 4.1% and ice cream purchases increased 3.1% in the aftermath of legalization, professors from the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University determined using monthly retail scanner data from 2006 to 2016.

“The increase in sales starts at the time of the legislation becomes effective,” said the findings, published in Social Science Research Network. Afterwards, the snacking spurt decreased slightly for ice cream and chips, but not for cookies, according to the results.

‘These might seem like small numbers. But they’re statistically significant and economically significant as well.’

—Michele Baggio, assistant professor of economics at the University of Connecticut

Colorado and Washington voters opted to legalize recreational use in 2012. Oregon’s recreational use became legal in 2015.

“These might seem like small numbers,” said University of Connecticut assistant professor of economics Michele Baggio. “But they’re statistically significant and economically significant as well.”

The study noted scientists have theories on the neuroscience behind the cannabis-induced cravings, but the phenomenon’s inner workings are still not known.

“A widespread urban myth is that marijuana consumption is associated with the so-called munchies, namely an irresistible urge to consume large amounts of snack or junk food, such as ice cream, cookies, candies, and the like,” the researchers wrote.

The study may have focused on the three states to the west of the Mississippi River, but 10 states overall have legalized recreational marijuana for ages 21 and older. Lawmakers in other states, like New York, New Jersey and Florida are also weighing legalization. Meanwhile, over 20 states authorize marijuana use for medicinal purposes.


The study didn’t specify which brands had a boost in sales.

Tim McIntyre, a spokesman for Domino’s DOM, +0.33% told MarketWatch the company analyzes its sales “in myriad ways, but have yet to look at pizza sales in states with legalized marijuana versus states where it is still illegal.”