Green Entrpreneur report … On the other hand, the CIA does not think you are “bad or unworthy” for using marijuana in the past – just make sure it hasn’t been any time in the last 12 months.

Millions of people legally use marijuana under the laws of their home state. However, if they currently enjoy cannabis, they might want to forget the idea of ever becoming a spy working with the U.S. government. That’s because federal law still views what they’re doing as illegal. The CIA cannot hire people who commit federal crimes.

In a strange example of how federal marijuana law keeps bumping up against state marijuana laws, the CIA used its Ask Molly blog to address whether someone using marijuana is fit to work for the agency. The answer, unfortunately for cannabis users, is “no.”

In responding to the question, Molly Hale — the pseudonym used by different CIA employees who have written the blog over the years — wrote that while the drug policy might seem “a bit archaic,” CIA officers often handle sensitive, classified information. The CIA said there are “consequences of granting access to the wrong person.”

The blog immediately added: “I’m not asserting that those who have experimented with drugs are in some way bad or unworthy, but a willingness to break federal law to engage in illicit drug use can be used as a measure of someone’s fitness to hold a security clearance.”

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