Bezinga reports Hemp Depot produces hemp CBD wholesale, but as COVID-19 became a pandemic, wholesale orders dropped rapidly, thus creating a need for CEO Andy Rodosevich to keep his staff employed.

This is when he realized that, with some quick changes, he could achieve this goal while also helping respond to the nationwide need for personal protective equipment (PPE).

In seven days, Hemp Depot adapted its production facility to start manufacturing hand sanitizer and found the most urgent need for large quantities with the Colorado government agency operating public transportation, RTD (Regional Transportation District).

“Our chemists quickly shifted gears to create a non-drying hand sanitizer while we rebuilt part of our manufacturing operation to support creating hand sanitizer in quantities great enough to support the nationwide need,” Rodosevich told Benzinga. “In seven days we shifted 20% of production to hand sanitizer in individual and bulk options, supplying government, private businesses, and consumers as we all work to get through these unprecedented times together.”