We take everything with a large pinch of salt these days. but as we love honey here at W&B this little story gets our attention.

Florida Honey Pot Farms is combining the known medicinal benefits of CBD and home-grown Florida honey with more than one favorite terpene strain, giving each of their Bee Chill, Bee Fluid and Bee Relieved collections a distinct smell, taste and differentiating effect.

Bee Chill combines the fresh, earthy terpene nerolidol with the most common terpene in the world, pinene, and the sweet citrus smell and taste of geraniol into one 4 oz or 8 oz jar of organic, natural honey. 

Bee Fluid consists of the terpenes myrcene, humulene, and pinene, giving Bee Fluid an herbal aroma, delivering a powerful anti-inflammatory boost that is all-natural and tastes delicious.

Bee Relieved is their super honey, infused with Broad-spectrum CBD and enhanced with terpene profiles terpineol, a-bisabolol, citral, and b-caryophyllene, giving it natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Their fruit and CBD-infused Honey include flavors like: 

Harvest Blend Wildflower honey comes from bees that have collected and sourced their nectar from wildflowers, making it their most traditional tasting honey — perfect for everyday salads and cup(s) of coffee.

Cranberry Chutney Orange Blossom honey is a naturally harvested honey made to give a refreshing and soothing response. With light hints of orange infused with Broad-spectrum CBD, this honey goes great with a morning toast or any cup of tea.

Ginger Orange Blossom honey is also a naturally harvested honey made with aromatic ginger, giving it the properties of an antioxidant. This honey pairs great with one’s favorite fruits or granola.

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About Us: 

Florida Honey Pot Farms handcrafts organic, CBD-infused honey, using only the highest-quality CBD and terpenes. Florida Honey Pot Farms currently offers its products online or at select Florida locations.