OK I get it the US is a fucked up private health system but so fucked up that medical cannabis companies can charge people $40 just to to access their site to get some general info on COVID-19 that we presume they could find on any state health site or at the WHO site. Bang out of order we say.


Here’s the pitch dressed up in that caring corporate language we love so much

As COVID-19 spreads around the globe, we’re seeing an increasing number of hospitals and clinics that are not adequately prepared for the surge in patients looking to see a doctor. During this crisis, Heally is making its digital patient platform available to any physician’s office to use, at no charge.

For patients, it costs $39.

Those experiencing flu-like symptoms will require a physical test to diagnose the virus, but many others might simply want to discuss symptoms, allay fears and receive general medical advice. Per public authorities, these people have been asked to stay home, practice social distancing and not tax the limited healthcare system. This is where Heally can help, for both patients and physicians.

Source:  https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/20/03/15612637/this-cannabis-telehealth-company-is-now-offering-covid-19-consultations-for-39