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The Safer at Home order prevents Denver chef Harold Sims from demonstrating his skills in a restaurant these days, but you can get a taste of them on TV, where he just won $10,000 on Cooked With Cannabis.

Sims had been working largely as a personal chef cooking dinners in private homes when Netflix contacted him last year to see if he was interested in competing on a new show based on cannabis-infused cooking challenges. Although his episode was shot last June, Sims had to wait almost a year before he could tell his friends that he won the second round of Cooked With Cannabis, which just aired at the end of April.

Hosted by singer Kelis (whose milkshake brought all the boys to the yard in 2004) and chef Leather Storrs, each Cooked With Cannabis episode pits three chefs against each other, bringing in additional celebrity judges to test out the contestants’ appetizers, main courses and desserts infused with CBD and THC.

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