Welcome to Pseuds Corner. We get the giggles when we read stuff like this. ” “I’m truly at one with weed,” Choi says. “It’s my martial art. It’s my shaman, it’s my life…”

If you must read this stuff !

Choi is the type of person who follows his intuition and waits to act until the moment is right. That was the case, he says, when it came to creating his TV series “Broken Bread” with LA’s public broadcasting network KCET. The show is a six-part series examining how food can be an agent of change and, among the other episodes that shine a light on other chefs who give back to their community, there is an episode that looks at cannabis at this pivotal moment in time. Choi positions himself as a member of the old guard, a longtime stoner satisfied with enjoying cannabis in its most traditional ways: rolled up in a paper or packed into a bong. He said creating the show allowed him to confront his own preconceived notions of what it means to be a person who enjoys marijuana.

Choi and I begin our interview in a living room-type of set up, where I run through my questions with an acute sense of ease, as if I’m chatting with an old friend rather than one of the world’s most celebrated culinary minds. When the interview concludes, I give Choi a copy of Cannabis Now and he enthusiastically inquires if I have anything else to give him. We’ve just gone through a discussion about how both of us are not under the influence of cannabis that day because you have to approach certain moments with a clear head, but when I hand him a chocolate-covered coffee bean from a company called Somatik containing 3 mg of THC, he asks me to double-check the dose before enthusiastically opening the package and eating the edible right away. I’m then invited to hang out on set and try some of the food made by the chefs the show highlights. I sample a vegan version of a cheesesteak from The Vegan Hooligans and chat with business owner Jose Mejia. While I’m lingering after my appointment, I overhear some of the interviews Choi is conducting with food and wine writers keen to hear about his new show.

“Cannabis Now just gave me an edible,” Choi says in a boastful tone, apparently explaining to the person that he’s now talking to that his answers might not be as clear as he’d like.

More at  https://cannabisnow.com/roy-choi-confronts-his-cannabis-demons/