A potentially explosive announcement came out this week that Weedmaps, the website and app used by millions to locate dispensaries and delivery services, has been subpoenaed by the Feds to share information about how, and with whom, they do business. This seemingly is being done by the Feds to take action against California’s multimillion-dollar “unregulated marketplace.” What this might mean for Weedmaps, and the thousands of unregulated players with which they have worked, is the subject of widespread concern and speculation.

A longtime competitor and contemporary of Leafly, Weedmaps provides information about the effects of products and strains, as well as product reviews, but it’s primarily used as a GPS based app to find someplace near you that sells cannabis, provided you’re in a regulated medical or adult use state. While Weedmaps isn’t going to help you find “a guy” in Texas, it will show you listings of places that can legally sell you cannabis in states with regulated programs.

More at. https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2020/03/06/43059465/the-feds-come-after-weedmaps