Cannabis sales in Ontario are up 600% since the state of emergency started, and doubtless other provinces are also noticing such highs (pun very much intended). Writes Canadian publication Refinery.
Canadian women are indulging almost as much as men, with many of us reaching for a now-legal joint or gummy rather than a cocktail at the end of yet another day of being bored in the house, in the house bored. As one reader put it, “I would rather have a puff of my vape pen than a couple of glasses of wine every night.”
Here’s what eight Canadian women had to say about their current weed consumption during COVID-19.
“I smoke everyday — strains that are more THC-based — totalling at least one joint every two to three days. I get it from a friend. I’m smoking more due to more time on my hands more than being anxious, but it does help. Anything excessive is not a good thing. I hope to detox soon — hopefully.” — Sandra
“I smoke four to five times a week. Always at night to help me unwind after long hours of editing. (I’m a freelancer.) Usually after I’ve delivered my content and cooked dinner, I smoke a 0.5 gram joint. I prefer strains that have around 17 to 25% THC. I’ve definitely been using more since the outbreak. Being home always meant relaxation and fun. Now it’s synonymous with work, school, and chilling with a girlfriend while smoking a doobie. For me, smoking weed during this pandemic has helped cope with the stress of everything. It elevates my mood and also lets me fall asleep.” — Malavika

 I’ve been smoking weed since I was 13. I’d usually do four to six hits of the bong a week. Now it’s like three times that.

“At the beginning of the quarantine, I’d have the occasional edible (specifically, a star-shaped chocolate made by Budhr Shop — shoutout to Mona, the best edible chocolatier in Toronto). For the next few weeks, I could feel my anxiety ramping up. I was laid off in the fall and am on a short-term consulting gig for now, so I am definitely worried about my job search. An edible or two before bed helped me to sleep. (But sadly, it often triggers a violent case of the munchies, driving me to eat everything in sight. EVERYTHING.) I’ve been trying to cut back — not because I’m worried about weed consumption, more so worried about weight gain.” — Sarah