In the last week we now recall 5 stories about busts in Australia in rural NSW. Not only will  supply and demand rocket upwards at a time when people are stuck at home with little to do  we suggest these endless “operations” by police in NSW will force production further underground into more city based grow houses and increasingly unpleasant outfits controlling cannabis supply in NSW and throughout Australia. We believe this is a dangerous path that Australian authorities are going down with regard to cannabis enforcement at this particular juncture in time.

Channel 9 News Australia reports

A regional NSW man has appeared in court today after $6 million worth of cannabis was seized from an outback property.
Todd Brendon Henderson was arrested when Strike Force Hyperion detectives uncovered more than 3020 cannabis plants at a property in Tindarey, about 130km south of Bourke.
“This seizure is the largest outdoor cannabis crop located by the NSW Police Force since 2017 – with officers removing more than 3000 plants from the one location,” Detective Superintendent John Watson said.
Investigators also seized a loaded double barrel shotgun and cannabis from a home on the 20,000-acre site, allegedly being used as a dedicated cannabis plantation.
Police allege the 34-year-old Griffith man was involved in the large-scale cultivation and supply of cannabis across NSW.
“We want the community to know that our officers will continue targeting these criminal networks that remain in operation, preying on Australians at this difficult and vulnerable time,” Det. Supt Watson said.
The Drug and Firearms Squad will continue to investigate remote properties being used to produce cannabis crops, with further arrests expected.