The Academy of Medical Cannabis (, an internationally recognized online learning platform on medical marijuana, has launched an all-new, free and comprehensive evidence portal that will cater to healthcare professionals across the globe with the latest peer-reviewed scientific research about medical marijuana.

Reportedly, through the portal, clinicians will be able to access the latest research across key medical areas, including treatable diseases/conditions, dosage, methods of administration, contraindications and side effects.

TAOMC believes that because of the pace at which both the legislative and medical landscape is changing around the drug, it becomes difficult and extremely significant for both healthcare professionals and the general public to stay up-to-date with the proceedings. The new evidence portal will thus act as a handy, reliable resource for individuals prescribing medical cannabis today or those who are seeking to educate themselves in order to do so.

TAOMC will ensure that new information is published as soon as it is available. The evidence portal is currently available in many languages viz. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek and Portuguese.

In terms of content, the portal features a foundation course which covers the basics of marijuana-based medicines and therapies and slowly takes the user to numerous specialised areas of focus, from PTSD management to chronic pain.

As of June 23, 2019, the portal boasts ‘evidence’ from over 500 publications and 4000 reviewed papers.

“The future of medical marijuana and cannabinoid research is exciting and there is a great need to grow this database to facilitate the growing scientific community,” said Professor Mike Barnes, Director of Education at the Academy. “It’s going to be a fantastic resource for both professionals and students.”