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Once limited to just plant or butter form, the recreational market has opened up products like tinctures, vape pens, topicals, and much more. If you’re new to cannabis, or live in an illegal state, that alone may be news to you.

But there’s even more innovation going on in the cannabis industry, beyond the typical products. So we’ve rounded up product picks of some unusual forms of cannabis consumption.

These products help all kinds of people get the medication or relaxation they need, and in forms that make consuming cannabis more feasible for all kinds of people. Get ready to branch out …

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches

(Courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals)

This product is a med consumer’s dream! These sticky patches are 2×2 inches, and meant to be placed on the skin somewhere venous, like on top of your foot or on your wrist. They release cannabinoids for up to 12 hours, which makes them great for sleeping—no waking up to take another pill or smoke another bowl with these guys.

They’re also dreamy for traveling—TSA agents may be getting hip to what a vape pen looks like, but they won’t be able to tell your canna patch apart from one that releases nicotine or birth control.


While the idea of chew gives many the icks, this product shouldn’t be disregarded for its similarities to tobacco products. The packaging looks like a regular dip tin, but when you open it, there’s little pouches inside. These pouches are filled with coconut fiber, essential oils, monk fruit, and a dry cannabis tincture.

As a Leafly reader, you probably know that holding a regular tincture in your mouth (instead of swallowing it) lets it absorb directly into your bloodstream instead of going through your stomach, which takes longer. Holding the canna pouch inside your cheek takes advantage of this process, leading to relief in 10-15 minutes, and releasing meds for up to 40. And the pouch is not visible.

Cannadips come in American spice, citrus, and mint. (Hot tip: mint is great with coffee.)


Ripple Dissolvable THC

(Courtesy of Stillwater)

Ever wish you could just spike a drink or food with cannabis? Well, now you can! Ripple comes in single-serving packets of powder that are odorless, flavorless, calorie-free, dissolvable, and full of THC and/or CBD. This means you can add some to your water bottle, sprinkle it on your cereal, or add it into just about anything you can think of.

Ripple packets contain organic coconut oil, sorbitol, modified food starch, and cannabinoid distillates—so there’s nothing too crazy making that dissolvable magic happen. (Though sorbitol isn’t recommended in excessive amounts, so perhaps don’t add it to everything you can think of.) They also have a CBD-heavy variety as well as a 1:1.


Medizin Capsules

Sometimes you want relief to hit quickly, and sometimes you want it a bit later. Pills, tablets, and capsules offer the delayed effects of edibles, but are quick ‘n’ discreet. Say you don’t want to be stoney for the getting-situated part of a concert, getting through security, finding a seat, etc.—but would like that soothing inside-out feeling of edibles once the show gets rolling. Just take it (or them) the second you park, and you’ll be chillaxed in time for the show.

Similarly, medical consumers can take advantage of this form of cannabis when they know they won’t have the ability to medicate. Say you’re heading into a long meeting and concerned that your pre-medicating won’t last through the whole event, you can pop this 10mg capsule before it starts.

And if the meeting’s uber-long, take another before symptoms hit again, feigning like it’s a regular ol’ Advil and not symptom-soothing THC.